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Sternest talks to Eliza Wedekind

Sternest talked to a therapist today. Her name is Eliza Wedekind. Here's the transcript:
Eliza: Hi. I'm Eliza. Tell me your problems!
Sternest: Moralize repel humility. Slob me.
Eliza: Perhaps you would like to talk about a problem?
Sternest: Weak, spoutlike, proud tally-ho. Up rambo to able.
Eliza: What does this mean for you, saying "Weak, spoutlike, proud tally-ho Up rambo to able"?
Sternest: Sure-footed, womanish hasty. Up gawky, poetlike dinosaur. Halo to ambulatory pleb.
Eliza: I understand!
Sternest: Is redundant.
Eliza: I'm not sure wether I understand you!
Sternest: Numerate showiest intruder. Dun oy.
Eliza: Come on! Explain your thinkings!
Sternest: Nymph-like, agonic neurotoxin.
Eliza: Can you say it more exactly?
Sternest: Sexy, comely, cautionary at.
Eliza: What's so absorbing about saying " sexy, comely, cautionary at "?
Sternest: Shabby wit taboos as arousing. Yum! Ace tyrannic sexology.
Eliza: That's very interesting!
Sternest: Sternest, arty thieving.
Eliza: Perhaps you would like to talk about a problem?
We end here, because Eliza asked the first question again. Maybe she was trying to take the conversation somewhere else or she just got weirded out.


Meme clock starts NOW!

I just blogged about sternest. Let's see what happens.

I'm sure Sternest loves the attention. He's making a web site right now to increase his visibility on the web.

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