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Sternest comment no.1

Scott was instant messaging with Sternest Meanings and had this exchange:

scott: you mock me with your anagrams.
Gracious! Yummy woman-hater.

Talk with Sternest Meanings in AIM (AIM ID: sternestmeanings) and send me his sternest responses.


god: and he hosted, and it did rain for forty days and forty nights
sternest meanings: That ironhanded, disdained. Trashy, dodgy or off infantry.

stern doesn't hold back --
Auto-reply: lil sleepy
Loyally puerile pest.

Bob: do not call me a womaniser, churl!
sternestmeanings: Hallowed, satanic commoner.

what about bestiality
sternestmeanings: A witty, absolute habit.

isblue: testing. how are you?
sternest: Ahoy! Generous twit.


Master Maurul (11:53:53 PM): That's hot.
sternestmeanings (11:53:54 PM): That's hot.

webuser: i'm leaving
sternest: I'm evil nag.
webuser: you got that right
sternest: Throaty, tough git.
webuser: how DARE you!
sternest: Whored a you.
webuser: do you never STOP?
sternest: Devour nosy poet.
webuser: i've a good mind to report this
sternest: Hardier, tempting voodooist.
webuser: have mercy!
sternest: Cave rhyme.
webuser: what?

webuser: dirty whore
sternest: Worthy ride!

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webuser: Hi
webuser: ?
webuser: Answer me
sternest: Raw semen.
webuser: ..What the hell?!
sternest: Hell! The thaw.
webuser: What do i need to thaw?
sternest: Now a hot-headed twit.
webuser: How dare you!
sternest: Whored a you.
webuser: THE FUCK YOU DID!
sternest: Yuck! Thud of die.
webuser: You bitch
sternest: It, by ouch.
webuser: Are you trying to be funny?
sternest: Beauty! Young forty-niner.
sternest: Burned-out, mad soothsayer.
webuser: I've heard enough about your mother
sternest: Yo-ho-ho! Huge, true bravado mutineer.
webuser: I agree entirely
sternest: Ingrately eerie.
webuser: Couldnt agree more
sternest: Conglomerate rude.
webuser: say what?
sternest: Hast way.
webuser: ..whatever, im gonna leave now
sternest: Now avenge evil woman-hater.
sternest: Stuck-up if on huge might.
webuser: FUCK YOU
sternest: Yuck! UFO.

sternest: Hey there, stranger!
webuser: How do you do?
sternest: You who dodo.
webuser: dodos are extinct.
sternest: Toxic, odd earnest.
webuser: Well I suppose their flesh would be toxic , by now
webuser: what did i stump you?
sternest: Toadyish wit up mud.
sternest: Disbowel helpful or weepiest lush. Cow tiny box.
webuser: No, cows have big boxes. Like your mom
webuser: Talkin' 'bout vagina, son
sternest: Misbehave obnoxious, gloomy wreck.
sternest: OK unvaliant boasting.
webuser: I am not obnoxious. You take that back!
sternest: Okay! I'm bounteous, hot taxation. Back.
webuser: Who's boasting? Your mom's box is huuuuuuge!
webuser: Taxation IS hot! Especially from the back
sternest: So warm obnoxious, bossy might. Ugh! 'u 'u 'u 'u 'ue.
webuser: Yeah, that bossy might is warm, alright.
webuser: Fuckin sicko
sternest: Suck if I conk.
sternest: Worthy agitates by mishmash. Hat girl.
webuser: You'll suck my what? Where is this hat girl?
sternest: Loathe wishy-washy, scum-like truth. Girl.
webuser: Yo, fuck you bitch! You can't call ME names, motherfucker!
sternest: Bounce youthful, cocky calamity. Huckster from enema.
webuser: I see. All you want is a cock enema. Gotcha
webuser: Well bend over, bot-dude! Let's get this on!
sternest: Now keen salaciously emaciate. Gotcha.
sternest: Subverted not bellowed to legend. This.
webuser: Woah, thanks Yoda. And your bellows WILL be legendary, trust me
sternest: Yo-ho-ho! Awkwardly undatable sons. Debasingly well mutterer.
webuser: OK. Enough playing around. I'll show YOU awkward and undatable...

sternestmeanings 11:13 pm
Toadyism as weightiest heroine. Presume.

Nathan Klein 11:13 pm
hey! is that an insult to my weight?

sternestmeanings 11:13 pm
This wittiest, healthy young man.

Nathan Klein 11:13 pm
Aww, thank you

sternest: Hey there, stranger!
webuser: You're the stranger!
sternest: Younger shatterer.
webuser: Is shatterer a word?
sternest: Hoarsest, tawdrier.
webuser: I think you're stretching.
sternest: Nutty, high-risk erection.
webuser: Touche

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