Simianly Simple

so simple a monkey can understand it.


Today, Johnny and I became superhuman, impervious to the attacks of three deadly powers: hepatitis A, typhoid, and yellow fever. And to add to our newfound indestructibility, the immunization clinic provided The Mighty Grip, the most handy versatile tool with 100 and 1 uses. It is practically a Batman tool belt in the form of a yellow rubbery disk. I guess they provide this super tool to accompany your transformation to a superhuman.

Becoming superhuman was hard work. We had to wake up early, which is very hard for Ph.D. students. We also had to various clues and dead ends, but we found the immunization clinic secretly tucked next to an Arby's. Hah! They thought we would be foiled by their little camouflage.

Becoming superhuman is also slightly expensive, Johnny and I dispensed $150 each for the opportunity. And our transformation is not done yet, we also need to become invulnerable to malaria. Oh well.

Anyway, Ecuador, here we come!


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