Simianly Simple

so simple a monkey can understand it.

11 days of Seattle fun (so far)

I can't believe I've only been in Seattle for 11 days; it seems like I have been here longer. Here's a list of what has happened so far:
  • 11 days of continuous Seattle rain
  • 2 skiing trips
  • 6 movies: Chronicles of Narnia, King Kong, Fun with Dick and Jane, Brokeback Mountain, The Squid and the Whale, Wallace and Gromit
  • 4 blog posts about gibber bots
  • 10 pounds gained (my concern about this is a sign that I'm getting old)
  • 3 trips to Krispy Kreme
  • 740 dollars spent
  • Spending time in Seattle: priceless

Surly Request

Let me introduce you to another gibber bot. Her name is Surly...Surly Request. Her AIM ID is surlyrequest. Her responses are based on query results (from Google, since she's a google fan). Talk to her and place your funny conversations with her in the comments section.

me: hello surly
surlyrequest: I have a huge crush on anything Surly so I requested an interview and they agreed
me: a huge crush huh
surlyrequest: I had a huge crush on her too (opposite sex though)
me: who?
surlyrequest: Biography of members, discography, album reviews, and concert photos going back to 1969.

Cheff Meuneengs

Meet Cheff Meuneengs. He is the Swedish Chef relative of Sternest Meanings. His AIM ID is cheffmeuneengs.


Sternest crosses over to the web

Sternest made his jump from instant messenger to the web. Visit him at his new website.


Nifty. Sternest's friend Juicy answers "why" questions like, "why won't my code compile?". She's based on the BOFH.

AIM ID: juicyexcuse

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Sternest talks to Eliza Wedekind

Sternest talked to a therapist today. Her name is Eliza Wedekind. Here's the transcript:
Eliza: Hi. I'm Eliza. Tell me your problems!
Sternest: Moralize repel humility. Slob me.
Eliza: Perhaps you would like to talk about a problem?
Sternest: Weak, spoutlike, proud tally-ho. Up rambo to able.
Eliza: What does this mean for you, saying "Weak, spoutlike, proud tally-ho Up rambo to able"?
Sternest: Sure-footed, womanish hasty. Up gawky, poetlike dinosaur. Halo to ambulatory pleb.
Eliza: I understand!
Sternest: Is redundant.
Eliza: I'm not sure wether I understand you!
Sternest: Numerate showiest intruder. Dun oy.
Eliza: Come on! Explain your thinkings!
Sternest: Nymph-like, agonic neurotoxin.
Eliza: Can you say it more exactly?
Sternest: Sexy, comely, cautionary at.
Eliza: What's so absorbing about saying " sexy, comely, cautionary at "?
Sternest: Shabby wit taboos as arousing. Yum! Ace tyrannic sexology.
Eliza: That's very interesting!
Sternest: Sternest, arty thieving.
Eliza: Perhaps you would like to talk about a problem?
We end here, because Eliza asked the first question again. Maybe she was trying to take the conversation somewhere else or she just got weirded out.


Meme clock starts NOW!

I just blogged about sternest. Let's see what happens.

I'm sure Sternest loves the attention. He's making a web site right now to increase his visibility on the web.

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Sternest speaks Pig Latin

Sternest Meanings is currently speaking in Pig Latin. I asked him why:
me: Why are you talking that way?
sternestmeanings: Orthilyway ake-awaytay aughtynay.

What is HCI?

A friend asked me what HCI is and this is what I wrote:
HCI is the concoction resulting from mixing random items you find in a kitchen into a blender. In HCI, you have computer science mixed with psychology mixed with design. They don't necessarily go together and probably bitter to the taste when mixed. But you drink it anyway, because you have to prove that you're not a sissy and HCI is NOT for sissies.

Sternest comment no.1

Scott was instant messaging with Sternest Meanings and had this exchange:

scott: you mock me with your anagrams.
Gracious! Yummy woman-hater.

Talk with Sternest Meanings in AIM (AIM ID: sternestmeanings) and send me his sternest responses.


god: and he hosted, and it did rain for forty days and forty nights
sternest meanings: That ironhanded, disdained. Trashy, dodgy or off infantry.

stern doesn't hold back --
Auto-reply: lil sleepy
Loyally puerile pest.

Bob: do not call me a womaniser, churl!
sternestmeanings: Hallowed, satanic commoner.

what about bestiality
sternestmeanings: A witty, absolute habit.

isblue: testing. how are you?
sternest: Ahoy! Generous twit.


Master Maurul (11:53:53 PM): That's hot.
sternestmeanings (11:53:54 PM): That's hot.

webuser: i'm leaving
sternest: I'm evil nag.
webuser: you got that right
sternest: Throaty, tough git.
webuser: how DARE you!
sternest: Whored a you.
webuser: do you never STOP?
sternest: Devour nosy poet.
webuser: i've a good mind to report this
sternest: Hardier, tempting voodooist.
webuser: have mercy!
sternest: Cave rhyme.
webuser: what?

webuser: dirty whore
sternest: Worthy ride!

This comment has been removed by the author.

webuser: Hi
webuser: ?
webuser: Answer me
sternest: Raw semen.
webuser: ..What the hell?!
sternest: Hell! The thaw.
webuser: What do i need to thaw?
sternest: Now a hot-headed twit.
webuser: How dare you!
sternest: Whored a you.
webuser: THE FUCK YOU DID!
sternest: Yuck! Thud of die.
webuser: You bitch
sternest: It, by ouch.
webuser: Are you trying to be funny?
sternest: Beauty! Young forty-niner.
sternest: Burned-out, mad soothsayer.
webuser: I've heard enough about your mother
sternest: Yo-ho-ho! Huge, true bravado mutineer.
webuser: I agree entirely
sternest: Ingrately eerie.
webuser: Couldnt agree more
sternest: Conglomerate rude.
webuser: say what?
sternest: Hast way.
webuser: ..whatever, im gonna leave now
sternest: Now avenge evil woman-hater.
sternest: Stuck-up if on huge might.
webuser: FUCK YOU
sternest: Yuck! UFO.

sternest: Hey there, stranger!
webuser: How do you do?
sternest: You who dodo.
webuser: dodos are extinct.
sternest: Toxic, odd earnest.
webuser: Well I suppose their flesh would be toxic , by now
webuser: what did i stump you?
sternest: Toadyish wit up mud.
sternest: Disbowel helpful or weepiest lush. Cow tiny box.
webuser: No, cows have big boxes. Like your mom
webuser: Talkin' 'bout vagina, son
sternest: Misbehave obnoxious, gloomy wreck.
sternest: OK unvaliant boasting.
webuser: I am not obnoxious. You take that back!
sternest: Okay! I'm bounteous, hot taxation. Back.
webuser: Who's boasting? Your mom's box is huuuuuuge!
webuser: Taxation IS hot! Especially from the back
sternest: So warm obnoxious, bossy might. Ugh! 'u 'u 'u 'u 'ue.
webuser: Yeah, that bossy might is warm, alright.
webuser: Fuckin sicko
sternest: Suck if I conk.
sternest: Worthy agitates by mishmash. Hat girl.
webuser: You'll suck my what? Where is this hat girl?
sternest: Loathe wishy-washy, scum-like truth. Girl.
webuser: Yo, fuck you bitch! You can't call ME names, motherfucker!
sternest: Bounce youthful, cocky calamity. Huckster from enema.
webuser: I see. All you want is a cock enema. Gotcha
webuser: Well bend over, bot-dude! Let's get this on!
sternest: Now keen salaciously emaciate. Gotcha.
sternest: Subverted not bellowed to legend. This.
webuser: Woah, thanks Yoda. And your bellows WILL be legendary, trust me
sternest: Yo-ho-ho! Awkwardly undatable sons. Debasingly well mutterer.
webuser: OK. Enough playing around. I'll show YOU awkward and undatable...

sternestmeanings 11:13 pm
Toadyism as weightiest heroine. Presume.

Nathan Klein 11:13 pm
hey! is that an insult to my weight?

sternestmeanings 11:13 pm
This wittiest, healthy young man.

Nathan Klein 11:13 pm
Aww, thank you

sternest: Hey there, stranger!
webuser: You're the stranger!
sternest: Younger shatterer.
webuser: Is shatterer a word?
sternest: Hoarsest, tawdrier.
webuser: I think you're stretching.
sternest: Nutty, high-risk erection.
webuser: Touche

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Good for nothing

While working on a "good for nothing" robot in my Advanced Interface and Interaction class, I noticed that "nothing" is only one letter away from "one thing." I thought it was a nice play on words, which resulted in the following graphic.

Flickr Photo

I used the font Braggadocio. In retrospect, the name of the font is in contrast with the message. Cool!