Simianly Simple

so simple a monkey can understand it.

Start with a name

Today, I conquered a major hurdle that prevented me from starting a blog; I was able to decide on a title: Simianly Simple.

I am very picky with names. Before I start a coding project, I have to name the project first. It took me a whole month to start using Gmail, because I couldn't decide on a username. I am still upset about the e-mail address that my university assigned to me. And I won't post this draft until I decide on a title.

I don't know if I'm happy with the title, Simianly Simple. It started as Seemingly Simple, but I thought Simianly Simple was more playful and had more layers to it. Here's a decomposition of the name:

  • Simianly Simple sounds like seemingly simple.
  • Simianly has my name, Ian Li, in it.
  • Curious George, who is a simian, is cool.
  • If something is simianly simple, then it is easier than something humanly simple.


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