Simianly Simple

so simple a monkey can understand it.


Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I prepared panoramas from my image collection. The photos were taken using a Canon Powershot A70 which has a stitch assist feature. To stitch the pictures together, I used Photoshop 8.0 photomerge feature.

My tiny room during my last year as an undergraduate (2004/01/22)

East of Seattle from the patio of the UW computer science and engineering building (2004/05/08)

Before sunrise on top of Mt. Fuji (2005/09/18)

Nara from Nigatsudo Temple (2005/09/20)

Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima (2005/09/21)

Hiroshima from Mt. Miyajima (2005/09/22)


I love these photos. They make me miss Japan. I lost a roll of my "Nara deer" pictures- I had a set of them eating our map.

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