Simianly Simple

so simple a monkey can understand it.

Out of money, out of breath

11:30 PM: My Pittsburgh debit card was denied in a restaurant
11:45 PM: Worried, I drove back to my office to check my bank account.
11:50 PM: I found that I was in the red (minus $8), because I forgot about my $120 heating bill and it was cashed today.
11:51 PM: I had to think fast. How can I transfer money from my Seattle bank account to my Pittsburgh bank account before midnight?
11:52 PM: I realized that I brought my Seattle check book. I wrote myself a check.
11:53 PM: I started running from my office to the closest ATM. The closest ATM is in a building that is up a hill and about two blocks from my office.
11:54 PM: My heart was pumping and I was breathing hard. I told myself that I need to start jogging everyday and to eat less fried eggs.
11:55 PM: I arrived at the ATM, inserted my card, entered my pin, endorsed my check, placed it in an envelope, wrote the amount on the envelope, and asked myself why are there so many steps to this?
11:56 PM: I deposited the money and I was back in the black with 4 minutes to spare! Booyah!


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