Simianly Simple

so simple a monkey can understand it.

Stop looking at your blog

I have been looking at my blog several times a day to check if I've received any comments about any of my postings. It is really distracting. To resolve this problem, I created the graphic below.

Stop Looking at Your Blog

I was just playing around with the font, WhoopAss. I started with the word "stop" and eventually ended with the current message. I added the eyeballs when I noticed that there are a lot of Os in the message.


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Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I prepared panoramas from my image collection. The photos were taken using a Canon Powershot A70 which has a stitch assist feature. To stitch the pictures together, I used Photoshop 8.0 photomerge feature.

My tiny room during my last year as an undergraduate (2004/01/22)

East of Seattle from the patio of the UW computer science and engineering building (2004/05/08)

Before sunrise on top of Mt. Fuji (2005/09/18)

Nara from Nigatsudo Temple (2005/09/20)

Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima (2005/09/21)

Hiroshima from Mt. Miyajima (2005/09/22)


I love these photos. They make me miss Japan. I lost a roll of my "Nara deer" pictures- I had a set of them eating our map.

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Brand-spanking new logo

I created a logo for this blog on my way back to Pittsburgh from New York. Next step, redesign the layout.

Anagrams are great! Arrange a megastar.

I have found a solution to my naming woes! Use anagrams. Taking the anagram of a name or a phrase produces some interesting results. For example, the AIM ID, sternestmeanings, of the AIM bot I created is the anagram of "instant messenger". It would have taken me a long time to come up with a such a cool name.

To get your own anagrams, check out the Anagram Genius Server.

Sternest Meanings

Meet Sternest Meanings.


He is an AIM Bot that I programmed using the JAIMBot API. His AIM ID is sternestmeanings. What he does is reply with anagrams of your message, which makes for some really funny conversations. Here's an example transcript:

me: hello there
sternestmeanings: Oh Hell! Tree.
me: what did you say?
sternestmeanings: I a shadowy duty.
me: hello again
sternestmeanings: Genial halo.
me: well thank you
sternestmeanings: Nuke hot wally.
me: what why nuke
sternestmeanings: Why! Weak hunt.
. . .

He should be online right now, so you can chat with him.

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me: your malapropisms are somewhat charming. are you single?

sternestmeanings: Hooray! I am a rumpless tapeworms. Ace ogreishly manuring.

Sternest Meanings is almost an anagram for "Internet Messages".

Did "Steerest meanings" lack oomph?

Close, but "Sternest Meanings" is an anagram for "instant messenger".

corkstah393: hittitititititsss
sternestmeanings: This tit, it is its tit.

sternest: Ahoy mate!
webuser: sup
sternest: I'll be brb. (Message is too short.)
webuser: lol
sternest: I don't know what to say. (Message is too short.)
webuser: uhh thank you
sternest: Okay! Huh! Hunt.
webuser: what?
sternest: Hmmm... (Message is too short.)
webuser: yeah whatever
sternest: Heavy weather.
webuser: no it isnt
sternest: Is not tin.
webuser: what isnt tin
webuser: hello?
sternest: Let me get back to you on that. (Message is too short.)
sternest: Twit in hasn't.
webuser: what the fuck is wrong with you?
sternest: Oh Wow! Wit if naughty huckster.
webuser: queer
sternest: Hmmm... (Message is too short.)
webuser: why do you keep saying that
sternest: OK weepy, toadyish naughty.
webuser: whos naughty? nobody is naughty
sternest: Bawdy, youngish thought annoys.
webuser: sick minded fuck
sternest: Fiends muck dick.
webuser: what the fuck?!
sternest: Hutch weak FT.
webuser: IM gunna stop saying stuff now
sternest: Unfussy wimp on of stagnating.
webuser: hey fuck you dickweed
sternest: Yucky if due chewed OK.
webuser: come here and say that
sternest: Arty hotheads menace.
webuser: ....
sternest: Huh? (Message must contain letters.)
webuser: what?
sternest: I'll be brb. (Message is too short.)
webuser: ok
sternest: Whatever you say! (Message is too short.)
webuser: i didn't say anything
sternest: Indignity and hasty.
webuser: who are you talking to?
sternest: Okay outline wart hog.
webuser: wart hog?
sternest: Warthog.
webuser: war thog?
sternest: Wart hog.
webuser: you're not helping
sternest: Eh! Erupting loony.
webuser: i dont know what that is
sternest: What-ho! Kind twit as not.
webuser: are you talking about me
sternest: Looking amateur beauty.
webuser: yeah, you like that amateur shit dont you
webuser: naughty little fuck
sternest: Hey You! Mutilate a shake authority. Dont.
sternest: Tackily fluent thug.
webuser: Dont what?
sternest: That down.
webuser: what down?
sternest: Wow hadn't.
webuser: hadnt what?
sternest: What hadn't.
webuser: shut up!
sternest: Surprising. (Message is too short.)
webuser: ok thats it
sternest: It task hot.
webuser: what are you horny or something
sternest: Yo-ho-ho! Warm tougher tyrannies.
webuser: tyrannies?
sternest: Tyrannise.
webuser: psyco bitch
sternest: Spicy botch.
webuser: hey thats a cool word, i might use that
sternest: White-hot or touchily massaged. That.
webuser: there is soemthing seriously wrong with you
sternest: Sinisterly mightiest whorehouse. Young row.
webuser: WTF?!!
sternest: Whatever you say! (Message is too short.)
webuser: whorehouse?
sternest: Use who hero.
webuser: i dont think this is appropriate for children
sternest: It is not prankish, atrophied pit. Rich fondler.
webuser: rich fondler/
sternest: Order flinch.
webuser: im giving you a red child safety rating for WOT
sternest: Shoddily if fumigatory grievance. Twit groan.
webuser: indecent fuck
sternest: I defunct neck.
webuser: i dont even wanna know what that is
sternest: What-ho! Innovate stank wanted win.
webuser: whats with sternest anyway
sternest: Yawns as swarthy twentieth.
webuser: that doesnt really answer my questionh
sternest: Showmanly steely retardant. Quit shone.
webuser: *question
sternest: In quotes.
webuser: no
webuser: question
webuser: i said whats with your name
webuser: sternest
sternest: Huh? (Message is too short.)
sternest: In quotes.
sternest: Rent sets.
sternest: It is unwashed, I am a worthy.
webuser: screw it
sternest: Wiser CT.
webuser: how can a name be unwashed?
sternest: A new, humane cow hand base.
webuser: o...k
sternest: Hmmm... (Message is too short.)
webuser: and youre worthy of this unwashed name?
sternest: The wishy-washy, unfounded orator. Name.
webuser: yes, name
sternest: As enemy.
webuser: no your name
webuser: not enemy
sternest: Manure on oy.
sternest: Net money.
webuser: manure money?
sternest: Anymore. Menu.
webuser: no
sternest: Whatever you say! (Message is too short.)
webuser: shut up
sternest: Okay?! (Message is too short.)
webuser: douche bad
sternest: Debauch do.
webuser: *bag
sternest: That's random. (Message is too short.)
webuser: youre random
sternest: Unready room.
webuser: *sigh*
sternest: Hmmm... (Message is too short.)
webuser: well cya i gotta have dinner
sternest: Innovate wealthily graced.
webuser: whatever
sternest: Eve wrath.
webuser: eh
sternest: Why? (Message is too short.)
webuser: exactly
sternest: Latex Cy.
webuser: cya
sternest: Whatever you say! (Message is too short.)

It was only about halfway i realised this was a bot, and it was only when i read the description on the side that he was putting my words in anagrams, which was at the end.

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Out of money, out of breath

11:30 PM: My Pittsburgh debit card was denied in a restaurant
11:45 PM: Worried, I drove back to my office to check my bank account.
11:50 PM: I found that I was in the red (minus $8), because I forgot about my $120 heating bill and it was cashed today.
11:51 PM: I had to think fast. How can I transfer money from my Seattle bank account to my Pittsburgh bank account before midnight?
11:52 PM: I realized that I brought my Seattle check book. I wrote myself a check.
11:53 PM: I started running from my office to the closest ATM. The closest ATM is in a building that is up a hill and about two blocks from my office.
11:54 PM: My heart was pumping and I was breathing hard. I told myself that I need to start jogging everyday and to eat less fried eggs.
11:55 PM: I arrived at the ATM, inserted my card, entered my pin, endorsed my check, placed it in an envelope, wrote the amount on the envelope, and asked myself why are there so many steps to this?
11:56 PM: I deposited the money and I was back in the black with 4 minutes to spare! Booyah!


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Twelve Monkeys

I saw Twelve Monkeys for the second time today. It's a science fiction movie, but I realized today that it is also a love story albeit bittersweet. Unfortunately, I can't say anymore without giving away the story.

Start with a name

Today, I conquered a major hurdle that prevented me from starting a blog; I was able to decide on a title: Simianly Simple.

I am very picky with names. Before I start a coding project, I have to name the project first. It took me a whole month to start using Gmail, because I couldn't decide on a username. I am still upset about the e-mail address that my university assigned to me. And I won't post this draft until I decide on a title.

I don't know if I'm happy with the title, Simianly Simple. It started as Seemingly Simple, but I thought Simianly Simple was more playful and had more layers to it. Here's a decomposition of the name:

  • Simianly Simple sounds like seemingly simple.
  • Simianly has my name, Ian Li, in it.
  • Curious George, who is a simian, is cool.
  • If something is simianly simple, then it is easier than something humanly simple.